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  • Awaba to Drury Lane - Watagans: 20 Feb 21

Awaba to Drury Lane - Watagans: 20 Feb 21

  • 20 Feb 2021
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Watagans
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Transferred from the old web.

This morning Queensland announced that borders will be opened to NSW - so Dru can get down for this trip AND get back home again. Looks like it is happening. Woohoo! 


Saturday 20th February 2021

 The Shell servo at Freeman's Waterhole

Less than 2 hours drive north from Sydney on the Motorway.
Address: Shell Servo, 890 Freeman's Drive, Freemans Waterhole, NSW 2323

Departure Time:
 9:00am for departure at 9:20 sharp. Please fuel before departure. Please target 9:00 and note that 9:20 is actual departure. We don't want you to miss out but it is a big group and we will leave on time.

Grade: C+

I haven't run this trip for a while and don't have the chance to reccie from Brisbane, so conditions could be varied. As designed and run previously this trip can be considered absolutely appropriate for Grand Cherokee WKII but is going to require some actual driving through challenges. Enough to keep Wranglers on their toes. There are long sections of graded trail that link together highlight driving challenges as we start north and end up south east of the Watagans. Please note that parts of the Watagans have historically been very scratchy and 

I do not avoid them.

Note also that there is some rock crawling here, and on any trip there is a risk of damage. So far on this trip the only damage experienced has been to 18" and 20" road based alloy wheels (two broken) but the risk is with the driver.

REPEAT: you can't avoid scratchy branches on this trip, do NOT come if that is in any way a problem for you. New JL, Cherokee and just fussy owners take note. This is scratch and rock territory.

Finally-finally - Watagans is famous for mud and bog holes. We do not go looking for it, but when it has been wet, you're going to get a bit muddy.


Standard SJC rqts - RATED recovery points front and rear (no exceptions), recovery gear, radio, food/drink, first aid kit, sunscreen, camera. Otherwise stock Jeep is fine.


I have done my best to update the list on the basis of the old forum. Feel free to contact me if you think there are errors. And in which case the list might shuffle a little. As promised Trip Leaders wanting some experience have been pushed up the list where they have stepped forward and already given assistance.

A hard cap of 16 vehicles has been set for the trip.

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