Snowy Mountains 1 to 7 January 2018

Several people have asked if I was planning any touring in January 2018. Several more people have asked about D/C grade trips that stock vehicles (with 4WD) could handle.

So I thought about it, and here it is, 7 days and about 1500km Sydney to Sydney, combining the best bits of the Snowy trip we did in 2014 and some of the Victoria trip from 2016. For those who noticed the lack of wildlife in Victoria, this trip will take us to places where I have seen (but can't promise...) brumbies, kangaroos, emus, and where we heard wild dogs howling at night at Blue Waterholes in 2014. Lots of stunning scenery! It's a short trip as after Cape York I wasn't really planning one that was too long, and it sounds like a lot of people have to be back at work on Monday 8 Jan as well.

People with very capable Jeeps could consider towing a camper trailer - very steep and low range going up onto Davies High Plain. But there is nothing on this trip that a stock Jeep with low range could not handle if not towing (unless it rains). I scraped the bash plates on my KJ a bit on that climb. C grade unless wet! (If it is wet, or there are bushfires, we will have to change the route or cancel)


Monday 1 Jan - Sydney to Talbingo 453km all on tar.

Tuesday 2 Jan - Talbingo to Khancoban via Buddong Falls and Mt Black Jack 129km.

Wednesday 3 Jan - Khancoban to Tom Groggin including Mt Pinnabar 127km.

Thursday 4 Jan - Tom Groggin to Native Dog Flat Campground via Davies High Plain 85km.

Friday 5 Jan - Native Dog Flat to Berridale via Suggan Buggan, the Snowy River and Jindabyne Total for day 166km. If you aren't keen on heights, you are going to love Black Mountain!

NO Fuel between Khancoban and Jindabyne - 3 days and 350km - with some steep climbs and Low Range 4WD. You will need to carry enough fuel - 100 litres? More if towing?

Saturday 6 Jan - Berridale to Blue Waterholes via Adaminaby, Yarrangobilly Caves and Long Plain Track 143km

Sunday 7 Jan - Blue Waterholes to Sydney via Broken Cart Fire Trail, Brindabella and Canberra 415km


Although - If you don't need to be back in Sydney on Monday 8th, we could extend the trip a couple of days. Instead of heading straight back to Sydney from Canberra, we could go South East to Bendethra Valley in Deua National Park. I have heard lots of people say nice things about this place and this would be a great opportunity to see it, then get home Tuesday / Wednesday-ish.

Please Consider! To go we need AT LEAST 3 vehicles. Maximum number would be 8 to 10. Please post below if you would like to come, or if you are thinking about it. I will generate a Definites and a Maybes list. If you didn't get an Itinerary at the meeting and would like a PDF version, please PM me with your email address.

1. Dave
2. Sean & Daf
3. Hitesh & family (4 all up)
4. John & Di
5. KevinF (My14JK)
6. Ben & Amy & Nash
7. SteveT - will do the add on to Bendethra too.
8. JohnC
9. Danny
10. Ali


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