Simpson Desert 7 to 21 July 2018

Simpson Desert July 2018

Wayne and Julie asked me a few months ago if we could organise a trip to the Simpson Desert in 2018. That's always a yes for me, but because we are driving Jeeps with limited fuel range, and because the last time I was out there some of the full desert crossing was really rough, we are not proposing a full Oodnadatta to Birdsville desert crossing.

For a full crossing a diesel must carry at least 140 liters of fuel, a 6 cylinder petrol 180 liters. For this trip all vehicles must carry at least 100 liters of fuel (possibly 120 liters see below in red).
Please note, this trip is not suitable for camper trailers.

This is a legitimate Simpson Desert crossing, just a bit shorter, and avoids the least pleasant bit!

Days 1 & 2 Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 July - Sydney to Broken Hill via Cobar - 1167km (note, this is if you want to convoy with me. Happy to meet you in Broken Hill if you want to travel independently)
Day 3 Monday 9 July Broken Hill to Wilpena Pound - 446km
Day 4 Tuesday 10 July Wilpena to Copley through the Flinders Ranges - 202km
Day 5 Wednesday 11 July Copley to Muloorina and Level Post Bay on Lake Eyre 256km
Day 6 Thursday 12 July Muloorina to Mungerannie via the Birdsville Track - 259km
Day 7 Friday 13 July Mungerannie to Poeppel Corner (bush camp, no amenities) via the K1 Line - 304km
Day 8 Saturday 14 July Poeppel Corner to Birdsville via the QAA Line - 175km
Total Days 7 & 8 = 479km, High and Low Range 4WD - No Fuel Available. (If there is no fuel at Mungerannie, and I will check before we go, then it is 684 km)
Day 9 Sunday 15 July Rest Day at Birdsville Local Sightseeing
Day 10 Monday 16 July Birdsville to Innaminka via Cordillo Downs - 417km
Day 11 Tuesday 17 July Rest Day at Innaminka, Local Sightseeing to the Dig Tree - 100km
Day 12 Wednesday 18 July Innaminka to Tibooburra via the Old Strzelecki Track and Cameron Corner - 373km
Day 13 Thursday 19 July Tibooburra to White Cliffs - 288km
Day 14 Friday 20 July - White Cliffs to Nyngan - 487km
Day 15 Saturday 21 July Nyngan to Sydney - 557km

Total Trip Distance Sydney to Sydney = 5031km (5100km with side trips)

Please Consider! To go we need AT LEAST 3 vehicles. Maximum number would be 8 to 10. Please post below if you would like to come, or if you are thinking about it. I will generate a Definites and a Maybes list. If you didn't get an Itinerary at the December meeting and would like a PDF version, please PM me with your email address.

1. Wayne & Julie
2. DaveG
3. Sean & Daphne
4. AdrianB
5. Dru & Kerry
6. John & Di
7. Hitesh
8. GregD
9. Dusan
10. SteveT
11. KevinF
12. Nick & Pam will join us from Wilpena to Innaminka.
13. Greg & Candice
Trip Full!


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