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  • November 2021 Meeting

November 2021 Meeting

  • 4 Nov 2021 10:36
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    Daniel Djuracic (Administrator)

    SJC General Club Meeting Minutes 3 November 2021

    Opened 7.35 pm

    Previous Minutes

    Accepted – Di Bal

    Seconded – Greg Davies


    Richard Henning

    Steve Taylor

    Aaron Moffatt

    No. of Members present

    15 + 7 Committee Members


    Jarrod – Currently working on an XJ, lives around Gladesville

    Adam and Nelly – Bought a JL, first time Jeep owners, excited to start going on trips.

    New Members

    No new members in attendance

    Note: Hats and other items are available to purchase through the club website. See here:


    President - Di:

    4wd Show Volunteers Needed, Daniel D to continue with planning resources.

    Nolan doing a great job with updating website sydneyjeep.club

    Jeep Jambo in Vic at Easter next year, more information to come.

    Jeep Competitions, Competition with $100 prizes for 3 categories, Build, Day Trip, Touring Trip. Please submit competition entries on website.

    Christmas Party – 4th December, food and location booked.

    Trip leaders needed. Trip co-ordinator not responsible for organising all trips.

    AGM next month, all positions are open.

    Committee members should send apologies if they are not able to attend meetings.

    Di provided descriptions of each of the positions that are available.


    - Presides over and runs all general meetings of the club

    - Ensures the club abides by the club constitution

    - Sets the direction for the club

    - Ensure the club acts in a responsible manner in not only the 4wding

    community but the broader community

    - Looks at the year ahead as a whole and set some clear goals on what

    should be achieved in that year, get support from the committee and

    club and ensure a plan is in place to achieve those objectives

    (including fund-raising activities, community donations and

    participation, etc).

    - Will have knowledge of all activities of the club and its members

    (where possible acknowledging illness, births, accidents, etc).


    - Perform the duties of the President during his/her absence or at

    his/her request

    - Assists the president wherever possible or other committee members

    - Supports all committee members, assisting publicity/membership

    officer in particular seeking out support for the club (raffle

    donations, support for club run events, etc)

    - Assists with running of large club activities


    - Keeps records of all the proceedings of all ordinary general

    meetings, annual general meetings and special general meetings of the

    club and of all meetings of the committee

    - Is responsible for all correspondence in connection with the club.

    - Opens all correspondence

    - Manages all out going correspondence


    - Pays all monies due

    - Records in books of account the receipt and expenditure of all

    monies connected with the club.

    - Presents a yearly financial statement.

    - Reimburses club members on presentation of receipt for any items

    purchased for the club (eg: raffle prizes).

    Trip coordinator

    - Responsible for a yearly trip program for the club.

    - Instructs and educates trip leaders of their responsibilities (eg:

    convoy procedures, communications, etc).

    - Regularly checks 4wd websites (including National Parks, etc) to

    ensure club members are updated with track conditions, track closures,

    track conditions of entry etc.

    - Ensures the club doesn’t go anywhere it shouldn’t.

    - Understands the tread lightly policy and ensure that club members

    are aware of our responsibility in the community and promoting

    responsible 4wding.

    - Helps trip leaders plan trips

    Membership Officer

    - Responsible for membership of the club.

    - Looks at ways to maintain current members and welcoming new members

    to the club.

    - Maintains the membership records for the club

    - Sends out welcome packs


    - Responsible for the maintenance of the club website

    - Reviews significant changes or amendments of content, style or

    layout with the committee.

    - Works with the committee to ensure the website reflects well of the

    club in the broader community, promoting responsible 4wd and reflects

    the needs of the members.

    Social Media

    - Responsible for the maintenance of the clubs social media presence

    - Reviews significant changes or amendments of content, style or

    layout with the committee.

    - Seeks input from the entire club to participate in the social media presence

    Association Delegate

    - Attends association meetings.

    - Reports minutes of the club general meetings.

    - Club liaison officer at the association meetings.

    General Committee

    - Assist with special projects and duties as required

    Vice President – Greg:

    State forest regulations – Rules for clubs using State Forests. NSW 4wd Association has deal with forestry that means we don’t have to pay money, but we still need to register for these events if we have more than 9 vehicles. $342 for 18 vehicles if not affiliated.

    Regulations say 10+ vehicles participating in a club activity need to register. NSW 4WD Association has pointed out that could be insurance issues if not registered.

    Website has details of our permit and notification from NSW 4wd Association.


    Greg has attempted to talk to Forestry but hasn’t been able to make contact yet.

    Sydney Jeep Club has previously registered for the NSW Jeep Jamboree.

    Numbers will need to stay at less than 10 until we can register trips.

    Propose moving AGM to July so that it aligns with Financial Year. This will have a formal vote at AGM.

    Classic vehicle certification, SJC can become a Classic Vehicle club with some paperwork. Rubber stamp and address is needed for documents to be sent. Some clubs are certified and gauging interest in making SJC certified.

    Secretary – Richard:

    Richard sends his apologies, Daniel D standing in to do the minutes.

    Webmaster – Nolan:

    New colour scheme for the website to match with the new logo colours.

    4wd links have been added so access to important links can be done directly from the site.

    Links have been reorganised

    Gallery has been included as well so pictures can be uploaded.

    Nolan will investigate options for video.

    Competition is now on the website, please send in submissions.

    Renewal notifications have also been updated.

    Treasurer – Wayne:

    Club has about $25,000 in the bank

    Some bills for Christmas party have been paid.

    No further news.

    Social Media / Marketing – Darryl:

    No update at this meeting

    Membership – Pat:

    3 new members this period.

    Hats are available for sale after the meeting.

    Association – Barry:

    Feral horses in Kosciusko National Park are going to be culled.

    Re-wilding project in the Castlereagh area, area will be fenced off and brought back to native state.

    Conditional Vehicle Scheme – ACMC handling this out of Seven Hills

    COVID Policies – required to be attached to an address, for trips we will continue to use a sign-on sheet.

    Advanced 4wd Courses scheduled, some requirements are needed like beginner course first.

    Camp Oven Cook-Off, looking for locations to have this in.

    Personal Locator Beacons – 2nd hand available for purchase (batteries good to 2028). Details on 4wdNow website.

    Adventure Show moved to 4-6 March 2022. Full parking and buses will be available

    Driver Awareness Meeting planned to occur 12/13 February.

    Classic Vehicle Scheme – Registration only applies to current owner, cannot be transferred. Scheme is very good value. Additional information available from ACMC.org

    Trip Co-ordinator (Di on behalf of Jared):

    Social drive going to be organised for early in the new year.

    Dave: Victoria High Country 3 – 14 January 2022 - https://sydneyjeep.club/event-4404043

    1 spot is available. May require vaccination proof for interstate part of the trip.

    Dave: Central Australia and the Dinosaur Trail - July 2022 https://sydneyjeep.club/event-4124536

    Trip is fully booked

    Di: Dinosaur Trail to Cape York

    Numbers needed by Feb. Di to speak to guests after regarding vehicle requirements.

    Melbourne Jambo over Easter next year is a possibility however details are scarce.

    Other News From Members

    New website setup selling Uneek, Runva, Chief, Factor 55 products


    Will provide SJC members 10% discount

    Meeting closed 8.29pm

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